About David

Thank you for visiting this site. I am originally from the UK and have lived in New Zealand now for almost 15 years. I love my adopted country, but my heart remains in England. Nowhere surpasses the Cuckmere Estuary as the Seven Sisters rise up towards Beachy Head; or perhaps the rural scenes along the banks of the Thames from Henley through to Oxford. But, this is where I met Mandy, my soul-mate, and Auckland is where our children were born.

The Seven Sisters: at the Cuckmere Estuary, from Seaford Head, East Sussex, England

I feel passionate about a number of issues and when something grabs me, it becomes all-consuming. There are also some experiences in my life, however, that dwarf all the issues I feel strongly about. Being the fertile partner of someone who tried to conceive for eight years by seven successive yet unsuccessful attempts at IVF, two donor implantations and one surrogate implant, has left an undeniable scar. The consequences were not felt immediately, but in the end, our marriage dissolved and we went our separate ways.

As with most people, there’s a lot that remains in the shadows of our lives, and it’s those experiences that contribute to who we are – for me parental divorce and bullying are two such shadows.

I want to write about many of these experiences and so I will add posts that reveal much about who and what I am. Hopefully, many of the things I write about will resonate with others.

Happily, I have arrived in a good place now. My life has taken a positive turn and I have also regained my faith. After my marriage dissolved, Mandy came along and some months later to our delight, so did Darcey, our daughter, who despite being premature and with issues, is a normal,  gorgeous little girl who starts school in October . As if one blessing was not enough, we were blessed again – Mandy gave birth to Alexander David, a bouncing, healthy 3.4kg baby boy, on September 5th, 2012. He is almost three and a bright, bruising, dinosaur obsessed little boy who is simply delightful.

Darcey at 4.5

Darcey at four and a half…

Alex at three and a half

Alex at three and a half

You’re very welcome to comment, critique or simply digest in ghostly silence, everyone is welcome.


2 responses

6 06 2010

i totally admire your honesty and love you all the more for it x

7 06 2010

Thank you for supporting me in doing this. Your words mean a lot to me. I love you very much too x

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